Use Cases

Applied Artificial Intelligence for Industry 4.0

You are already well positioned digitally and are aiming to generate new revenues with applied artificial intelligence. It is no longer enough for you to simply increase efficiencies.

Digitization in the Real Estate Industry

Integrate and orchestrate data, devices and systems across enterprises through robust interfaces - faster and easier than ever before.

Accelerated Go-to-Market for Digital Mobility Solutions

Xapix provides easy access to data, workflows for automation and
comprehensive levels of integration for all mobility sectors, insurance companies and OEMs.

Bei der Skalierung und Aggregation von Sellern in B2C Marktplätzen zählt vor allem eines: Geschwindigkeit

Mit Xapix werden Partner und Apps rund um Preisgestaltung, Werbung, Fulfillment und Business Intelligence per Knopfdruck integriert und zentral mit Daten versorgt.

Easy to use

Flexible Connectors

Choose from a range of industry-specific and pre-configured connectors with complete flexibility.

Enterprise-grade security

Data Mapping

Standardize and harmonize different data formats to insure the highest possible data quality.

Get faster from idea to product

Stream & API Orchestration

Intuitively orchestrate data via APIs or data streams in real-time

Quickly integrate data

Edge Connection

Link Xapix to your Edge and process the data where you want it.

Get faster from idea to product

Applied AI in Pipelines

Remove complexities and deploy AI applications into production today

Get faster from idea to product

Versioning & Testing

Ensure high transparency and traceability across versions.

Other innovative use cases
that Xapix supports

Evaluate a brand now 

Test Xapix for a brand under management or
a seller in your deal pipeline. 

Get automated, real-time insights around its performance.