Faster Deployment of Artificial Intelligence
and Machine Learning
Into Production

Many companies in the manufacturing industry share fundamental challenges when it comes to the implementation of machine learning models and the application of artificial intelligence:

Common challenges include the availability and quality of data
and lack of implementation capabilities of machine learning models.

Domain-specific data formats in particular cannot be used with conventional machine learning solutions without costly intermediate steps for data cleansing and standardization.

Xapix enables you to integrate and orchestrate industrial data easily and quickly. This allows you to train algorithms on a clean data foundation and bring machine learning into production faster.

Xapix Use Case Catalog: Industry 4.0

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Applied Artificial Intelligence in manufacturing is not possible without complexity?

Realisieren Sie für Ihr Unternehmen den nächsten Automatisierungsschritt - mit fortschrittlicher Konnektivität durch Xapix.

The plattform acts as a new integration layer that reliably links all systems or devices and harmonizes different formats.

Xapix is based on state-of-the-art technologies that enable the smooth processing of real-time data and ensures compliance with European data governance standards.

Xapix helps you on two levels:

  • Training ML-algorithms with a clean and harmonized database
  • Implementing ML Models into production, across your existing processes and IT/OT architecture.

Facts and transparency instead of gut feeling. The continuous improvement of processes based on data.

Receiving decisions or recommendations from assistance systems is a highly discussed topic in manufacturing.

However, only technically advanced manufacturing companies have already deployed tools and solutions for machine learning. Many other companies are faced with major hurdles that hinder the efficient use of innovative solutions. These include:

  • The integration of systems, devices and other databases
  • The provision of a clean and harmonized database
  • The area-wide roll-out of models into production and connection to other systems

Xapix enables the easy use of machine learning algorithms in production, including full integration and orchestration of the entire data flow.

New integration paths can be put together easily and intuitively via drag & drop.

Integrate & Harmonize

With the help of Xapix, thousands of different systems, devices or data formats are integrated at the push of a button. The connected machines generate, send and receive process and PLC data, including triggers or alarms, for example for shutting down a machine in the event of a defect.

All data from the production process is connected in Xapix (via various protocols, e.g. MQTT). Both structured data and unstructured data, such as from cameras for quality detection, can be processed.


With a secure edge connection, you have the choice where to deploy Xapix. In the platform, data connections are systematically orchestrated and various formats are harmonized and standardized. Through a low-code interface, even non-technical employees can integrate data in the shortest possible time. Based on the data, various actions and triggers are triggered, which you define in advance.

Anomaly Detection
Functions trigger actions based on real-time data. For example, trigger a machine shutdown based on camera data.

Production Data
QR Code Data or information on anomalies is stored in the data warehouse or a database.

Repair Order
Maintenance orders are triggered due to a defect.

Distribute & Enrich

The data processed in the platform is sent to specific consumers within your IT architecture depending on the function. These can be ERP/MES systems, maintenance management systems, machine learning algorithms or business intelligence tools for visualization. Furthermore, the data can be extended by integrating with relevant external information services, such as for weather or logistics data.

Easy to use

Flexible Connectors

Choose from a range of industry-specific and pre-configured connectors with complete flexibility.

Enterprise-grade security

Data Mapping

Standardize and harmonize different data formats to insure the highest possible data quality.

Get faster from idea to product

Stream & API Orchestration

Intuitively orchestrate data via APIs or data streams in real-time

Quickly integrate data

Edge Connection

Link Xapix to your Edge and process the data where you want it.

Get faster from idea to product

Applied AI in pipelines

Remove complexities and deploy AI applications into production today

Get faster from idea to product

Versioning & Testing

Ensure high transparency and traceability across versions.

And what about you?

Status Quo

WIth Xapix

Status Quo

We see many individually isolated applications and silos in our IT architecture and teams.

Mit Xapix

We have an cross-departmental team that focuses on creating digital business models or efficiencies in production.

Status Quo

90% of our routine tasks are repetitive and are performed manually.

Mit Xapix

Our routine tasks are automated.

Insights & Decisions
Status Quo

Decisions in our production line are made manually and based on past experiences.

Mit Xapix

Decisions are automated, self-diagnosed and data-driven.

Data pipelines
Status Quo

We build individual data pipelines for every application.

Mit Xapix

The creation of standardized data pipelines is done at the push of a button.

Status Quo

Data pipelines are programmed and maintained by specialized developers.

Mit Xapix

Even non-technical users can create APIs and integrate systems independently. The service and maintenance costs of data pipelines have been reduced significantly.

Status Quo

The more systems we want to integrate with, the more specialists and developers we need to maintain the connections.

Mit Xapix

Our data, systems and devices are easily connected and orchestrated in Xapix via predefined connectors.

Artificial Intelligence &
Machine Learning
Status Quo

Data models are complex and time consuming to train. We spend a large part of our time adapting and preparing them for deployment.

Mit Xapix

Models are automatically supplied with real-time data from hundreds of different sensors and systems.

Status Quo

Access and integration into different production systems is difficult and takes several months, even when the model is finished.

Mit Xapix

Systems, devices and databases are already integrated into Xapix. Models can be put into use within a very short timeframe.

Other innovative use cases that Xapix supports

Intelligent automation

Automate interactions, processes or applications that previously had to be triggered manually

Intelligent sensor technology

Connect intelligent sensors that not only record measured variables but also provide processed data
Intelligent assistance systems

Assistance systems support employees in production - the smooth connection of hardware and software is extremely important here

Predictive maintenance

Share data across company boundaries and involve vendors and suppliers in your maintenance process

Optimized resource management

Create new efficiencies by making data-based resource management decisions

Optimized resource management

Rely on highest quality through a transparent and networked IT and process infrastructure

Take the Next Step Towards Automation

Integrate and orchestrate data, devices
and systems through robust interfaces with Xapix

Create new digital business models
on a clean and transparent data foundation