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Xapix is an API and data orchestration platform built for
the specifics of the automotive and insurance sectors.


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Leverage vehicle data for digital mobility services

Xapix can help access, use, and monetize mobility data across data silos, teams, and partners.

Integrate sensor and contextual data from 1000s of different sources

From data access all the way to data sharing, Xapix massively reduces integration complexity.

Your intuitive translation engine for data and services

Convenient drag-and-drop features and a simple user interface—on premise, in the cloud, and at the edge.


Xapix for

The car of tomorrow will run on data, not fuel. Xapix makes data flow and helps automotive companies create scalable digital products.


Build digital mobility services

Automotive companies use Xapix to easily connect data from hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of sources—thus speeding up the development of digital products. They can also cater their external partners with the exact data they need—and streamline processes around digital mobility services.


Xapix for

Xapix helps insurance companies access and utilize their data faster and easier than ever—thus building state of the art products.


New digital products. Faster.

Insurance companies use Xapix to accomplish their digital projects in a matter of days instead of several weeks. What’s more, Xapix facilitates API governance and user management for digital products significantly—and helps them save lots of time and money.


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