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We know these are troubling times. Leverage location-specific risk intelligence to get risk and policy information. Explore the API and its use cases across automotive, government, telco and tourism here. Stay healthy. Stay safe.

Connect Data and Create the Future

Xapix is a fast, flexible, and user-friendly data integration platform designed to meet the highest demands of automotive, logistics and IoT industries. With our platform you solve challenges at the intersection of connecting endpoints, harmonizing data and sharing it with other stakeholders.

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What are the benefits of Xapix

For Business Owners

For Developers

Easy to use
Easy to use for
citizen integrators
Quickly integrate data
Quickly integrate data,
no matter where it is
Enterprise-grade security
security and compliance
Get faster from idea to product
Get faster from
idea to product
Full flexibility on code level
Full flexibility and
access to code level
Data Governance
Data Governance
and industry standards
and Robustness
and ready to scale
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Why should IĀ use Xapix?

Whether you are operating in the IoT, mobility, automotive, or logistics and supply chain spaces - the amount of data that connected vehicles and solutions generate is constantly rising and difficult to harness.
Xapix makes it easier than ever to connect, harmonize and standardize industrial data. The platform is designed for heavy lifting and supports real-time processing of continuous data streams. Focus on what you are best at.Ā Start creating the future.

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How does Xapix work?

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With Xapix, you can map, model and publish elegant pipelines and integrations. The platform combines features such as data governance, low code integration and event streams to meet the highest standards for most demanding industries.
"Xapix allows us to provide our business with fast access to data, while freeing up our engineering and product teams to focus on building innovative solutions instead of infrastructure."
Director Integration Services at Automotive OEM

Xapix Blog

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Data and Supply Chain Resiliency in the Era of COVID-19
May 12, 2020

In the last decades, supply chain systems systems scaled, got more complex and encompass multiple tiers of suppliers that are all interconnected. Transparency and data are now playing a more important role than ever before.

5 Must-Have Features For Developers In Low Code Platforms
Apr 24, 2020

In the last years we have encountered some features that are most important for developers and should be integrated in any low code platform you want to use.

Build a better future, faster.
Accelerate on-boarding speed and lower the requirement for developers to build and maintain data integrations.
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