Use Case

IoT & Telemetry Data Platform

Leveraging Real-Time Data Streams from IoT Sensor Telemetry Data

A regulatory shift gave a leading telecommunications operator broader access to phone and IoT sensor telemetry data. The company was challenged quickly leveraging those real-time data streams in combination with contextual data such as weather, location popularity, and traffic information as well as internal systems.

The goal was to build new analytics and supply chain applications while ensuring regional privacy compliance. The interoperability of the streaming data with legacy systems was key along with the ability to harmonize and scale the integrations for stable and secure operations.

The challenge

The team had a number of solutions in place - but none really helped them solve their challenge. The “data hub” served the purpose of data scientists through a single data access, the API gateway helped secure API access, and the events streaming solution helped secure and control real-time telemetry data. Interoperability was an issue. 

“The regulatory shift came quickly and our customers started demanding solutions for their applications to steer supply chains and improve their logistics efforts. We needed a solution that allowed us to safely scale without requiring 6-months to develop it on our own. We needed to act immediately. Xapix was the bridge that could connect reality with ambition.” -VP Data, Analytics and AI of a Leading Telecom Provider

Further requirements to normalize and harmonize data for applications consuming the data was a challenge and oftentimes the developers of the applications had to deal with this complexity.

Finally, the biggest value of the new solution would only come to fruition if the solution could ensure that the various data streams are combined with on premises data which doesn’t leave that premise.


Key Data Types

Why Xapix

The team had to act fast. They didn’t have the time to recruit, train, and build a solution which would have taken them 6-12 months for a limited, yet production ready MVP. Their customers needed the solution now. They had limited expertise around running scalable IoT systems in their systems and wanted to focus on building the application and AI models around it.

Xapix has given them the flexibility to focus on generating insights while not having to worry about normalizing data, infrastructure decisions around data ingestion, storing, gateways, proxies, debugging, and integration with their workflows. They leveraged a plug&play solution that the developers could integrate into their automation workflows and also run on-premises components.

Platform Features


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