Use Case

REST to SOAP Transformation

A global company was facing the challenge of moving to cloud and still connect to their customers’ legacy systems. The implementation of a new cloud platform came with the availability of modern REST API services. Additionally, their application developers were demanding a shift to REST services, yet internally they had more than 140 externally-facing SOAP web services connecting serving hundreds of customers with close-to real-time data, generating substantial revenue for our customer.


At first, our customer reached out to some of their data consumers and tried to convince them to move to REST services. However, they quickly understood that even if they manage to convince all of them to make this change, they are highly dependent on the partners development timelines which they cannot directly influence. 

Their second attempt was to maintain the parallel infrastructure which will continue serving both the new REST endpoints and the legacy SOAP infrastructure. However, this option was costly in many ways: direct cost of the technical infrastructure, availability of resources to secure and maintain it. Our customer had to find a quick and simple solution. 


Why Xapix

Using Xapix, the company was able to fully shift its entire infrastructure to the cloud in less than 6 months, still supporting several hundreds of existing partners through legacy services while providing newer services and offerings to others. 

Xapix Platform Features

The company leveraged Xapix’ data orchestration layer as a translation layer around its API gateway. This gave them the benefit of being able to internally combine SOAP web services, REST APIs, and event streams towards the new architecture. Interfaces could be automatically integrated and quickly adapted to the specific interface formats through a no-code interface. Existing partners were served seemingly. All this while the entire architecture had shifted towards cloud services. 


A business line that was generating revenues by sharing their data had succeeded in its transformation without losing a signal customer. 

“With Xapix, just the cost reduction from not having to manually configure the new REST endpoints was worth, $250K at implementation and is saving us more than $200k running costs every year" - Integration Manager

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