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IoT Platform for Sanitization Cleaning Fleet Operations

Increasing efficiency for sanitization cleaning fleets

Covid19 poses an unprecedented change to our routines. Cleaning solutions providers are a key component of kickstarting normality again, although this may be a new normal. Municipalities, airports, train stations, supermarkets, and offices are in need of disinfectant and sanitizing solutions - and transparency over the status quo.

Leveraging data across assets and workforce has already proven to yield a 25% resource efficiency in vehicle fleets, and we see an even greater efficiency with crisis operations for cleaning solutions. Xapix helps bringing together critical data streams from IoT assets, workforce, and Covid19 related data to turn it into insights and actions.


In the context of the current crisis, the workforce is calling in sick and is reduced as risk groups are not available to work. More so, the need for sanitization and cleaning solutions is skyrocketing to protect societies and prepare for a broader return to a new normal. Remote monitoring of cleaning solutions through IoT sensors is starting to be available, but today insights are not actionable at scale.

“We thought we were at the forefront of creating a connected fleet for cleaning operations. Our team has dashboards to help coordinate the efforts - but currently, we don’t know whether to spend more time analyzing the data or coordinating on the ground activities. Xapix helped us turn data into actions. More efficiency for our own operations and more transparency to our customers” - COO, Cleaning Solutions Provider 


Efficient sanitization operations across various stakeholders

Benefits for municipalities


Benefits for commercial operations across airports, public facilities, and offices


Key data types 
From data to actions with Xapix 

Why Xapix

The solution is available now and proven across leading firms in the automotive, logistics, and manufacturing space across the US and Europe.

Teams leveraging the plug & play solution have limited additional resources around running scalable IoT systems and need to show a return on investment quickly - in this case the efficiency improvement and ability to handle the workload.

Xapix gives the flexibility to focus on generating insights while not having to worry about normalizing data, infrastructure decisions around data ingestion, storing, gateways, proxies, debugging, and integration with their workflows. 

Key Xapix Platform Features

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