Use Case

Logistics IoT Platform

Integrating Multiple Technologies

With B2C logistics companies like Amazon leading the way, B2B logistic companies have to provide the same level of service to their business clients - the ability to track their shipment 24/7. With Xapix, you can easily build an IoT Platform that integrates data from +30 of digital services such as IoT sensors, apps, trucks, ships, planes data, carrier data, fleet management, telemetry and even weather data. Once the data is collected, it can be normalized and presented on a seamless platform.

The Challenge

When building a platform, usually most of the developers’ time is devoted to the integration, setup and handling different APIs, event streams and data sets. It often happens that integrations take much longer than planned and projects can easily fall behind schedule.

The Solution

Using Xapix’s Drag-n-drop function, along with our advanced testing and debugging features, you are able to effortlessly integrate different data streams. In some cases where Xapix already has predefined connectors (i.e. truck OEMs) you are able to setup connections in a matter of minutes.

The Result

Our client was able to integrate new data sources every few days instead of weeks and launched products ahead of their original schedule. Spending less time on integration meant that their engineers were able to shift their focus on building state-of-the-art products and platforms.

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