Your Amazon AI Operations Assistant

An Operations Assistant to make you more money on Amazon. Trained across thousands of brands, profit-focused, and focused on suggesting your next best actions.

Easy to use

Real-time optimization alerts across your portfolio of SKUs

Easy to use

1-click Actions to make brands more money

Easy to use

AI Operations Assistant to help you prioritize

Real-time alerts

Surface the unseen & identify new opportunities across all areas of your business spanning your entire operational performance and market environment. 

Daily alerts on critical changes

Profitability-based priorities

Scans thousands of SKUs in real-time

1-click Actions to make brands more money

The AI Operations Assistant suggests actions and quantifies their impact. A single click helps you take action on them. This helps brand owners prioritize activities that increase profits the fastest. And over time, you will be able to turn actions on autopilot. 

Update inventory

Adjust campaigns

Optimize listings

An Operations Assistant that helps you prioritize

The AI-powered Amazon Operation Assistant checks if actions are resolved and helps you keep track of changes. Brands can realize the upside immediately without discovering changes weeks down the road. 

Checks on issue resolution

Identification of upside opportunities

Daily insights

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Our models evaluate your orders, financial information, inventory status, operational performance, market performance of competitors along with listing and advertising performance across your Amazon operations.

Working with thousands of brands has helped us develop models that focus on what matters most: making more money with your brand.