November 20 2022
How Brands on Amazon Outperformed the Market in the 2021 Holiday Season & What’s in Store for 2022
Data from leading FBA brands from 2020 & 2021 indicate core sales drivers in the holiday sales period. Our analysis looks back at main trends from the past two years to support this years steering.
August 03 2022
Mastering the cash conversion cycle to accelerate your growth
An introduction to the fundamental concept of the cash conversion cycle for eCommerce operators and practical examples on how improving your cash conversion cycles can help drive your profits.
July 27 2022
A guide to evaluating seller financing options
It takes money to make money – and that money doesn’t necessarily have to be your money. Learn more about funding options and how to accelerate your growth with the right financing partner.
September 27 2021
The technical pitfalls of a “proprietary stack” (and how to avoid them)
In the quest to “own data,” aggregators will dedicate valuable time to reinventing the wheel of consolidation, clarification, and mapping, and assume the ongoing internal cost of maintenance for these functions. The article details the core technical stack and highlights common challenges & pitfalls.
July 23 2021
Amazon Data Insights - Top Hidden Landmines in M&A
The M&A process is first and foremost about detailing the opportunity. Establishing the baseline of a brand today and understanding how it could scale under the acceleration of the aggregator is the key criteria for specifying a fair valuation.
How endurance training pays off : Using demand forecasting to improve the Amazon Inventory Performance Index
The second article in this series illustrates a few key concepts that will help to streamline the business planning processes and improve overall performance.
When a Sprint Becomes a Marathon
Successful businesses are created in the long run and require thoughtful planning and reliable execution to enable sustainable profit margins. This series of articles is going to show what to look out for, to avoid pitfalls on the way to success.
The Playbook for FBA Success - Mastering the 3 Es
For those sellers who are seeking to prove that the Amazon marketplace aggregator model works, it’s about proving one thing now: making it work at scale.
The State of Enterprise AI
A brief recap of the Bitkom Big Data & AI Summit
March 31 2021
Founder Interview: Xapix democratizes Enterprise AI
"Enterprise AI should not be available to the big players only - it should be available to everyone." - Christian Umbach, CEO & Co-Founder of Xapix
April 24 2020
Everything You Need To Know About Low Code Integration
Low-code is a development method to create digital applications without needing deeper knowledge of programming languages. Learn here how it helps you to integrate data faster.