July 23 2021
Amazon Data Insights - Top Hidden Landmines in M&A
The M&A process is first and foremost about detailing the opportunity. Establishing the baseline of a brand today and understanding how it could scale under the acceleration of the aggregator is the key criteria for specifying a fair valuation.
How endurance training pays off : Using demand forecasting to improve the Amazon Inventory Performance Index
The second article in this series illustrates a few key concepts that will help to streamline the business planning processes and improve overall performance.
When a Sprint Becomes a Marathon
Successful businesses are created in the long run and require thoughtful planning and reliable execution to enable sustainable profit margins. This series of articles is going to show what to look out for, to avoid pitfalls on the way to success.
The Playbook for FBA Success - Mastering the 3 Es
For those sellers who are seeking to prove that the Amazon marketplace aggregator model works, it’s about proving one thing now: making it work at scale.
The State of Enterprise AI
A brief recap of the Bitkom Big Data & AI Summit
Konvergenz von Organisation und Technologie
Wie wir es schaffen mit Komplexität und Transformation besser umzugehen
March 31 2021
Founder Interview: Xapix democratizes Enterprise AI
"Enterprise AI should not be available to the big players only - it should be available to everyone." - Christian Umbach, CEO & Co-Founder of Xapix
March 19 2021
XaaS in der Industrie: Die nächste Evolutionsstufe der digitalen Transformation
Was bedeutet XaaS in der Industrie? XaaS ist die nächste Stufe der digitalen Transformation. Warum Industrieunternehmen ihr Geschäftsmodell jetzt anpassen sollten.
February 18 2021
Industrie 4.0 – Status quo der deutschen Industrie
Wie weit sind deutsche Unternehmen in der Industrie 4.0? Was Sie für Ihre nächsten Schritte in der digitalen Transformation wissen sollten.
Jan 11 2021
Wie die HIH-Gruppe Xapix zum Aufbau eines digitalen Ökosystems nutzt
Partner nicht nur schneller, sondern auch sicher in ein Ökosystem integrieren: Wie die HIH-Gruppe ihre Digitalisierungsstrategie mit Xapix umsetzt.
October 18 2020
How to build an office alarm system with Home IoT devices
Trustworthy products and service providers for office security are very expensive. Another option is to follow this article and make your own security system with just a bit of time and hacker spirit. Save a lot of money and no need to trust an external security service company is required.
October 12 2020
[Video] Kafka Meetup by Confluent - Building Physical Industrial IoT Models with Kafka
Visualizing practical, physical event streaming solutions to Industrial IoT customers is quite a challenge. In this recording of a recent Kafka Meetup we went hands-on and showed to the audience how they could build an IIoT model with Kafka on their own.
October 2 2020
How to detect data anomalies using a simulator and an IIoT factory model
When you’re manufacturing thousands — or maybe millions — of items, it isn’t possible to perform quality control manually. IIoT sensors can help solve this problem. This post shows how to create a constant event stream of sensor data using our IIoT factory model and how to manually add data anomalies.
September 24 2020
How to simulate product quality checks using IIoT light barrier sensors
Product quality checks are an essential part of industrial manufacturing. To look at each item manually does not scale well, therefore factories outputting large quantities of products use IIoT sensors. We show how to combine Phoenix Contact’s light barrier sensor data with product barcode data to detect anomalies in the manufacturing process.
September 10 2020
Building an IIoT Conveyor Belt Model and Incident Simulation
Conveyor belts are essential components in many factories and the center piece of our IIoT factory model and simulator. In this tutorial we show how you can explain how to simulate factory incidents on a product assembly line.
September 3 2020
Automating office lights and plugs to save energy with Home IoT devices
Small offices can save 20% of electricity and help save the environment! Learn how to set up your own IoT scenario with Xapix and other devices in this tutorial.
August 29 2020
Explaining IIoT and event streaming projects with models
This article reports on our journey designing and building an IIoT hardware factory model receiving commands via HTTP API and feeding event streaming data from sensors into Kafka. For use case specific scenarios the sensor events and received commands can be recorded, stored and published.
August 28 2020
How to set up a local API for Home IoT Devices in your office using WiFi
In this tutorial, our Lead Engineer Oliver explains how to programmatically access and use Home IoT devices within small to medium sized offices for custom use cases, such as energy saving, security, disaster detection and fun convenience applications.
August 18 2020
Using Xapix with telemetry data from Kafka Event Streams and pushing notifications using REST APIs
In this tutorial, we will build a project in Xapix that will get two data points - vehicle location and speed - in a Kafka event stream. Then based on a condition - is the vehicle travelling faster than 60 miles per hour (MPH) - send a text notification via a Webhook to a browser.
June 19 2020
What is Event-Driven Architecture and where do I start? [Self-Assessment included!]
Data is most valuable in the moment when it’s hot. Machine, vehicle or asset transparency is key to delivering better user and customer insights. But how do you enable high value use cases that are based on real-time data?
May 28 2020
3 Ways Digital Twinning is Impacting the Automotive Industry
Digital twins are slowly entering mainstream use. Let’s have a look at three ways in which digital twins can help the automotive industry with saving costs while rolling out innovative digital services.
May 25 2020
Data and Supply Chain Resiliency in the Era of COVID-19
In the last few decades these systems have become more complex through advanced production methodologies and they encompass multiple tiers of interconnected suppliers.201
April 25 2020
5 Must-Have Features For Developers In Low Code Platforms
In the last years we have encountered some features that are most important for developers and should be integrated in any low code platform you want to use.
April 24 2020
Everything You Need To Know About Low Code Integration
Low-code is a development method to create digital applications without needing deeper knowledge of programming languages. Learn here how it helps you to integrate data faster.
March 14 2020
API Retirement Without the Pain
An API retirement or API deprecations are complex tasks and need forward planning. In this article we discuss strategies that have the least effect on your infrastructure.
March 13 2020
Business Data Standardization
Can industries come together and agree on common business data standards? The global plug-and-play API ecosystem is ready to revolutionize!
March 13 2020
5 Challenges to Overcome in Car Data Monetization Projects
The whole automotive industry is redefining itself. It is required to innovate and create with new business models and services. Learn more about the challenges in car data monetization projects.