Accelerate your deal execution
for aggregated marketplaces

When it comes to scaling and aggregating sellers on B2C marketplaces, one thing matters most: speed.

The large number of new acquisitions creates major bottlenecks in the IT integration of new sellers. The only possible approach so far: an increase in the size of your IT and integration teams.Your new solution: With Xapix you automate the integration and governance processes and achieve a completely new speed in your deal execution.

Xapix enables several advantages as an integration platform:

Easy to use

Flexible Connectors

Choose completely flexibly from a range of specific and pre-configured connectors.

Enterprise-grade security

Data Mapping

Standardize and harmonize data formats for the highest possible data quality.

Get faster from idea to product

Stream & API Orchestration

Intuitively orchestrate data via APIs or data streams in real-time

Quickly integrate data


Governance and a common service design for scalability of your platform.

Get faster from idea to product

Applied AI in pipelines

Use AI applications and ML models today without complexity.

Get faster from idea to product

Versioning & Testing

Ensure high transparency and traceability across versions.

Faster growth through a unified infrastructure

Fast integration of vendors and of uniform processes without complexity

Already using APIs and ML models to optimize your processes? Xapix helps reduce costs and create efficiency

Platformization of marketplaces

Xapix serves as a new integration layer that reliably connects and harmonizes various API platforms such as Amazon Selling Partner APIs (SP-API), Facebook & Instagram Commerce Platform, the Shopify Storefront and other e-commerce channels for merchants.

The technology is based on state-of-the-art standards that enable smooth processing of real-time data and ensure compliance with common service and governance standards.

Xapix offers support on three levels:

  • Unification of data for a 360° perspective on all interactions between merchants and buyers
  • Application of artificial intelligence to further optimize margins
  • Consolidation of data on advertising, storefront, fulfillment & supply chain

Facts and transparency instead of experience and gut feeling: continuous improvements of transaction-related data

Integrations without Xapix: Comparable acquisition processes of a company selling FBA outside of Amazon (e.g. via Shopify or Magento) is significantly more complex, longer and more expensive due to lack of integration governance.

Merchant integration and orchestration is a hotly debated topic in e-commerce. Shared platforms unlock new economies of scale and scope that significantly increase margins.

Compared to core platforms such as Amazon, Shopify and Facebook, there are technical hurdles with the new generation of merchant aggregators. These hinder the efficient deployment of innovative solutions and inhibit further and faster growth. The technical challenges include:

  • The integration of systems, devices and other databases
  • The provision of a clean and harmonized database
  • The area-wide roll-out of models into production and connection to other systems

Integrate & Harmonize

Unifying data streams is the foundation for enabling scale.

With the help of Xapix, various platform APIs are integrated via Amazon, Facebook/Instagram, Shopify and other channels at the push of a button. The connected platforms provide merchants with comprehensive information around product placements, order status, fulfillment, marketing and other store information.

All data from transaction processes in the marketplace is integrated into Xapix. In addition, the data can be quickly enriched with further external data, e.g. from Google Ads.


To create economies of scale, services and governance are unified in Xapix. New and existing data connections are systematically orchestrated and different formats are harmonized and standardized.

A low-code user interface enables even non-technical staff to integrate data in the shortest possible time. Additional automation features further accelerate and secure the processes. Based on the data, various actions and triggers are triggered that you define in advance, such as quota management.

Linking enterprise systems

The data processed in the platform is sent to specific consumers within your IT architecture. Xapix allows the smooth operation of additional services such as for ad control, for the coordination of fulfillment and logistics processes or for sales and price management.Further integration options exist for ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, Salesforce or business intelligence tools for visualization.

Faster growth through a unified infrastructure

Fast integration of vendors and of uniform processes without complexity

Already using APIs and ML models to optimize your processes? Xapix helps reduce costs and create efficiency