A single source of truth for your eCommerce brands. Bring all your data in one place.

We've built pre-defined dashboards so you can gain consistent insights and recommended actions across all your marketplaces and direct-to-consumer (DTC) channels. With Xapix you can stay ahead of your competitions by considering the most important operational factors like unit profitability and cost of goods sold or advertising & keywords, and inventory & fulfillment. Through comprehensive product benchmarks and SKU-based intelligence we help you grow and scale faster.

Easy to use

Insights & actions that drill down to the brand and SKU level

Easy to use

Amazon, Shopify & other marketplaces

Easy to use

Instant brand valuation with access to 100+ buyer &
15+ growth funding partners

Grow on the SKU level easily

Leverage our intelligence to quickly identify the SKUs that underperforming and take action immediately. Stay on top of this on a regular basis by slicing and dicing this data.

Weekly: Profitability, ratings, ranking, pricing, Top ASIN drivers, Product Benchmarking

Monthly: Brand Momentum & currency converted Profit & Loss statements

Further detailed reports around SKU-/ASIN-/marketplace based P&Ls, inventory, advertising campaign performance

We support Amazon, Shopify and other marketplaces

Compare performance across marketplaces and your DTC site

Combined store analytics across Amazon & your Shopify DTC store

Start from a combined P&L and drill down to understand drivers

Focus on RoI steering across your channel and DTC activities

Valuation, growth funding & acquisition offers

Identifying the right funding for your growth part is hard. Getting your exit right, even harder. We provide merchants with valuations and recommendations while connected them with a wide range of partners

Monthly brand valuation with upside recommendations to grow your multiple

Fund your growth by comparing seller funding options across 15+ funding partners through with Fund my Brand

Get offers for your brand from a network of 100+ potential buyers while initially staying anonymous through Flip my Brand

You have outgrown your seller tools?
Multi-seller accounts to leverage insights & actions at scale.

Large sellers, brand houses, and eCommerce service providers have different needs to support their scale. Our enterprise-grade solution supports brand operators and M&A analysts from brand houses and eCommerce aggregators to speed up and scale their process.

  • Multi-account tools to track and operate thousands of SKUs across multiple regions and platforms
  • 1-click seller connections to support M&A¬†analysts in their brand analysis pre-LoI and during the due diligence - and once acquired helps accelerate brand onboarding
  • Comprehensive data pipelines to add real-time insights to a merchant's data warehouse

Scan a brand now 

Get insight into your brand's performance and turn on automated actions that can speed up growth.

Get automated, real-time insights around a brand's performance that you are considering up for acquisition.