Fully serviced eCommerce data pipelines:
Automate from a single point of truth

Accuracy, comparability, and timeliness of data are key to build reliable applications on top of eCommerce data. Xapix allows data teams to build their own insights & applications on top of unified eCommerce data streams. Real-time data is unified and quality checked before pushed to various data warehouses or ERP systems such as NetSuite.

Easy to use

One-click Seller Authorization & Marketplace Apps

Easy to use

Integrate into Existing or Provided Data Structure

Easy to use

Normalized schemas across eCommerce APIs

Accelerate your data engineers

We help data engineers accelerate the development of their own insights through our data pipeline product to:

Build on top of a unified foundation that delivers you the full spectrum of sales, order, financial, inventory, and advertising data for the various eCommerce platforms

Receive data and views daily or in real-time for supported marketplaces and enrichments while benefiting from our enterprise SLA

Leverage comprehensive data quality checks to ensure consistency and accuracy of data

A unified way to get marketplace data

Xapix serves as a new integration layer that reliably connects and harmonizes various API platforms such as Amazon Selling Partner APIs (SP-API), Amazon Advertising, the Shopify Storefront and other e-commerce channels for merchants.

The technology is based on state-of-the-art standards that enable smooth processing of real-time data and ensure compliance with common service and governance standards.

Xapix offers support on three levels:

  • Unification of data for a 360° perspective on all interactions between merchants and buyers with unified data schemas
  • Trusted marketplace application that make adding sellers as easy as sending an invite link
  • Customizable daily data push into various data warehouses and target systems

Building direct integrations yourself is complex

It's easy to build an API integration - but connected to even just one eCommerce platform or marketplace can create lot of headaches: its hard to leverage complex integrations to cover various authentication flows, data and report structure, regional adjustments of schemas, rate limiting, and marketplace specific application requirements.

The technical challenges include:

  • Various authentication flows even within a single marketplace
  • API endpoints structures and report schemas covering the full spectrum of potential formats and country- or use-case-specific customization
  • Marketplace applications on Amazon and Shopify need to be created, reviewed, and maintained

Integrate & Harmonize

Unifying data streams is the foundation for enabling scale.

With the help of Xapix, various platform APIs are integrated via Amazon, Shopify and other channels at the push of a button. The connected platforms provide merchants with comprehensive information around product placements, order status, fulfillment, marketing and other store information.

Harmonization is performed to align data across country specific schemas, data formats and report types into a unified table structure.


To create economies of scale, services and governance are unified in Xapix. New and existing data connections are systematically orchestrated and different formats are harmonized and standardized.

Additional automation features further accelerate and secure the processes. First party data from your store can be enriched with relevant third party data.

Linking enterprise systems

The data processed in the platform is sent to specific consumers within your IT architecture such as Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, or Snowflake.

Further integration options exist for ERP systems such as NetSuite or business intelligence tools for visualization.

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