Low-Code Data Integration

March 11, 2020

Your organization sinks or swims based on whether you can bring digital innovation to the market earlier than the competition. Data Integration is considered to be one of the more complex tasks when delivering digital services. Although there are API management platforms available, none of them make it really easy for non-experts.

This is where Xapix comes in - by introducing a low-code platform to data integration.

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A short primer on low-code

Low-code is a development method to create digital applications without needing deeper knowledge of programming languages. Using a graphical user interface, whole applications can be easily created and securely operated by drag & drop.

This approach has a number of advantages.

Before low code

  • A lot of manual and repetitive tasks which should be automated
  • Dependency on a few domain experts
  • Long development cycles

After low code

  • Get faster from idea to product
  • Decreased time to market and reduced development costs
  • Automated operational processes
  • Ease workload of IT departments

Numerous companies around the world integrated low-code platforms into their development stacks thus gaining an enormous advantage over their competitors.

Source: “The State of Application Development" (OutSystems, 2018)

Power to the people - democratizing IT expertise

Today, the demands on developers to support multiple projects is increasing as new languages, procedures and applications are implemented. With low-code platforms, you enable non-experts to develop at scale and free experts from routine work at the same time.

Eventually, more of your employees become able to develop digital products or services and accelerate the whole companies’ advancement towards digitization.

Data Integration - each company's bottleneck

While low-code platforms are a huge success in application development, software projects are far from being finished once the code is written.

Data integration, however, is another critical part and how it is done determines whether projects are a success or failure.

We live in the age of big data. Consequently, data integration has become increasingly complex. This is due to immense scaling requirements, large variety of data formats, different types of endpoints and significant technical innovations.

That’s why in larger companies entire departments are responsible for managing APIs, micro services and data integrations. The downside is that a centralized approach leads to long development cycles and difficulties in delivering digital services to the customer.

Xapix - low-code data integration

Our goal is to make data integration accessible to everyone. With our enterprise-ready platform, we enable non-experts such as product owners to work on integration tasks in an easy, safe and productive way.  

With Xapix, the amount of time in setting up connections and maintenance work is reduced to a  minimum. More experienced integration architects and developers still have access to coding functions and can extend or customize the APIs capabilities.

The Benefits

  • Create more: 
    Focus on the outcome and get from idea to product faster
  • Keep your IT architecture clean and tidy:
    Integrate data sources with uniform standards
  • Empower Citizen Integrators
    Lower the barrier to entry for people who want to connect data endpoints
  • Harmonize and standardize
    Reduce maintenance through replication and automation
  • Ease workload of business & IT departments
    Eliminate the need to define and hand over data integration requirements and specifications for developers
  • Transparency and control
    Full flexibility for professional developers, access code and customize where necessary.

You want to try it out for yourself?

On our platform we have a couple of demo scenarios that might be interesting for you:

  • Combining information across multiple 3rd party services
  • Combining machine / vehicle information
  • Multibranded Truck OEM integrations
  • Transforming and controlling event streams
  • Individual OEM data pipelines
  • ... and many more

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