Low Code Data Integration:
Best Practices in Cost
Control and Reduction

The focus on hard business metrics is now more important than ever.

Since there are so many manual yet very complex tasks involved in software development projects, they are a major cost factor in companies.

However, some tasks like integrating data from hundreds of different endpoints, building pipelines, and harmonizing and standardizing the data for further use can be simplified and nearly automated.

Through removing the need for deeper programming skills, low code data integrations platforms like Xapix help you to save money.

In a current report, we examined the potential return on investment that companies can realize by implementing Xapix.

To better understand the benefits, costs and risks, we interviewed several customers with years of experience using our platform.  The purpose of this report is to provide readers with a reference framework for evaluating the potential financial impact of Xapix and on their business.

Learn about the most common cost drivers and other interesting findings around data integration and data management from our customer interviews:

  • Building vs. Buying an Integration Platform
  • API Reusability
  • API Maintenance
  • API as Enabler: Unlocking New Revenue Streams
  • Data Governance and Privacy

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