The State of Enterprise AI

Christian Umbach

A brief recap of the Bitkom Big Data & AI Summit

The Bitkom Big Data & AI Summit was a great way to connect with experts from industry and academia to discuss the state of AI in the enterprise world. One of the key pillars that we discussed were the three stages of democratization of Enterprise AI. Those are not only fundamental to how we are building Xapix, but I see this as a means of empowerment for companies of all sizes. 

Establishing data flows is key for AI - and unifying data plus connecting the enterprise are part of that. As data is now flowing, more and more AI can be leveraged - thanks to the great foundation, at much lower costs and higher accessibility to the workforce. 

As part of the session I asked the audience the following question: 

The answer indicated that it’s a more mature crowd at the Summit: 14% are evaluating use cases and another 14% started to develop models. On the more mature side 29% of the respondents stated that they started about 1-2 years ago with the development of models and the vast majority of 43% of respondents started 3 years ago already.

Our session overall focused on four industry areas, similarities and differences between them. We looked into retail, mobility, manufacturing, and real-estate to identify the drivers and blockers behind the evolution of data & AI platforms. For a full deep dive you can find the link to the video here

Overall the message is clear: Making AI work isn’t only about the brain which magically computes the right response based on historic knowledge, patterns, and future expectations. To bring it to life at enterprise scale a solid spinal cord is needed. That for us in the end is the key to democratizing Enterprise AI. It’s about the focus on connecting it to the core parts in the company, then simplifying, securing and automating that process. This soon becomes the basis for more and more intelligence to flow from targeted teams to key areas all across the firm. 

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