Xapix connects data from different endpoints

Xapix Platform

We believe that integrating, harmonizing
and sharing data should be easy.

With Xapix, you can focus on innovating your business instead of administrating your processes.


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Build data mappings & transformations
Start creating efficient and robust data connections in a low-code environment. Have full flexibility in articulating your needs. Where needed, you still can easily access coding functions and extend or customize the APIs capabilities.

Data & API Catalog
Xapix provides a broad collection of APIs and data sources . They are usable out of the box with minimum effort for application developers. Share and reuse entire pipelines or only segments with other teams, departments and even customers.

A full set of internal monitoring tools at your disposal: Track the total number of API calls per endpoint, average response times and error codes. Avoid accidental exposure of data which isn't explicitly mapped and common programming errors that can expose internal data structures or infrastructure components.

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Stateless & Stateful Serverless Functions
Xapix stores state using a cloud scale, distributed and fault-tolerant technology. From a developers point of view it looks like a continuously running application which only ever needs to interact with its local variables.

Internal Monitoring
Your complete view of all of your APIs and integrations. Meet performance and uptime requirements.

External API & Service Stability Monitoring
Data connections are the most critical components of any system. With our external monitoring tools you easily detect errors and resolve them quickly.

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Event Streams & Real-time
The core of Xapix is built on top of Apache Kafka, the industries’ leading streaming technology and can reliably process large amounts of data. Whether the data comes from request based or stream based technology - it can be processed using the same pipeline.

Programmatically change any resources and automate workflows. Xapix enhances your organization’s ability to roll out new digital products and services faster.

Collaborate with product, business or developer teams to specify and align requirements.

All Features of the Xapix Platform

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Data Mappings
Data Transformations
Testing & Debugging
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Real time streams
+30 services (like Kafka and Azure )
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Pipeline Execution
Stateless + Stateful Serverless Functions
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Connect on-premise systems
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API Gateway

API Publishing
API Access Control
API Analytics
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Automate powerful workflows
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Internal & External API Stability Monitoring


REST endpoints
SOAP services
Key database & systems connections

External Extensions

Expand with custom integrations
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Build a better future, faster.
Accelerate on-boarding speed and lower the requirement for developers to build and maintain data integrations.
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