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As eCommerce operators are looking to fund their brand the options between providers seem endless. Revenue-based financing, invoice-financing, cash advance, growth capital, working capital, loan, credit line, fee/no-fee, interest / no-interest.

Comparing different products, rates, and structure takes hours. Through a few clicks you can now get a comparison across the 15+ leading eCommerce-focused financing providers.

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Connecting with Xapix will help you determine how much financing to take on and which providers are most suitable for your use case.

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💵 eCommerce Financing 101

A key growth lever for eCommerce merchants is to improve the cash conversion cycle - it measures the number of days it takes a merchant to convert its inventory to cash.

Your goal is to reduce this cycle as much as possible: The shorter the cycle, the less cash is bound in inventory without being realized into sales, and the faster you can accelerate growth.

Merchant cash advance

Faster payouts of realized sales - lenders recap the financing fully through each regular payout cycle of the marketplace platform

Revenue-based financing

Initial cash advance - often tied to inventory or marketing expenses - which is repaid by providing lenders with a share of future accounts receivable over several weeks or months (e.g. repayment is a 10% of sales not a fixed amount)

Asset-based financing

Financing tied to inventory purchases with inventory as collateral which is repaid as the inventory is converted into sales

Profit share

Full risk and reward sharing with your financing partner as profits are shared.

Credit line &
bank loan

Account overdraft and traditional loan financing with monthly interest and fixed repayment cycles.

Venture funding

Equity-based financing - trade off ownership in your company for financing.

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More success with partnerships

We are looking for additional alliance partners to accompany us in our expansion in DACH and Europe.

Integration and orchestration of data are the absolute cornerstones for a successful digitization, transformation and use of innovative technologies such as applied artificial intelligence, machine learning or the Internet of Things.

The strategic importance of these issues is still underestimated in a large number of companies and is therefore insufficiently implemented operationally - with noticeable consequences for business development.

But this is currently changing dramatically: technological progress, competitive pressure, general change, burgeoning ecosystems, new (digital) business models and the effects of the corona crisis on efficiency, costs, productivity and speed are forcing every company to act sooner or later. Medium-sized companies are particularly affected.

Become an active part of our successful growth strategy in DACH and throughout Europe.

This is a great opportunity for our alliance partners, especially integrated system vendors and system integrators:

  • that want to conquer the market of data integration and orchestration for themselves,
  • win new (medium-sized) customer segments,
  • or want to up sell with existing customers.

We are looking forward to your inquiry!

Dirk Liebich, CCO

With over 20 years of experience in consulting and in leading positions, Dirk Liebich has led numerous German and global IT companies to success. Prior to Xapix, he was Chief Business Development Manager at Optimal Systems and CTO at several American companies.