Complex integrations,
minus the complexity.

Xapix is a Kafka-based low-code data integration & orchestration platform supporting the integration of data from API, web services, event streams and databases.

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How does Xapix work?

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With Xapix, you can map, model and publish elegant pipelines and integrations. The platform combines features such as data governance, low code integration and event streams to meet the highest standards for most demanding industries.
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What can I do with Xapix that I couldn't do before?

Xapix makes it easier than ever to connect, harmonize and standardize data. The platform is designed for heavy lifting and supports real-time processing of continuous data streams.

Focus on what you are best at - developing great products, not integrating data.

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Xapix Blog

3 Ways Digital Twinning is Impacting the Automotive Industry
May 28 2020

Digital twins are slowly entering mainstream use. Let’s have a look at three ways in which digital twins can help the automotive industry with saving costs while rolling out innovative digital services.

What is Event-Driven Architecture and where do I start? [Self-Assessment included!]
June 19 2020

Data is most valuable in the moment when it’s hot. Machine, vehicle or asset transparency is key to delivering better user and customer insights. But how do you enable high value use cases that are based on real-time data?

Using Xapix with telemetry data from Kafka Event Streams and pushing notifications using REST APIs
August 18 2020

In this tutorial, we will build a project in Xapix that will get two data points - vehicle location and speed - in a Kafka event stream. Then based on a condition - is the vehicle travelling faster than 60 miles per hour (MPH) - send a text notification via a Webhook to a browser.