Complex integrations,
minus the complexity.

Xapix is a Kafka-based low-code data integration & orchestration platform supporting the integration of data from API, web services, event streams and databases.

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How does Xapix work?

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With Xapix, you can map, model and publish elegant pipelines and integrations. The platform combines features such as data governance, low code integration and event streams to meet the highest standards for most demanding industries.
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What can I do with Xapix that I couldn't do before?

Xapix makes it easier than ever to connect, harmonize and standardize data. The platform is designed for heavy lifting and supports real-time processing of continuous data streams.

Focus on what you are best at - developing great products, not integrating data.

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Xapix Blog

Building an IIoT Conveyor Belt Model and Incident Simulation
September 10 2020

Conveyor belts are essential components in many factories and the center piece of our IIoT factory model and simulator. In this tutorial we show how you can explain how to simulate factory incidents on a product assembly line.

How to simulate product quality checks using IIoT light barrier sensors
September 24 2020

Product quality checks are an essential part of industrial manufacturing. To look at each item manually does not scale well, therefore factories outputting large quantities of products use IIoT sensors. We show how to combine Phoenix Contact’s light barrier sensor data with product barcode data to detect anomalies in the manufacturing process.

How to detect data anomalies using a simulator and an IIoT factory model
October 2 2020

When you’re manufacturing thousands — or maybe millions — of items, it isn’t possible to perform quality control manually. IIoT sensors can help solve this problem. This post shows how to create a constant event stream of sensor data using our IIoT factory model and how to manually add data anomalies.