Xapix for
tier 1 suppliers

Xapix is a simple solution for data orchestration,
featuring an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to connect different
systems and leverage internal as well as external data to the max.


The challenge for tier 1 suppliers

Connecting vehicle components to internal and external systems involves high complexity and a variety of different entities that have to be catered to. This also involves the challenge of turning components into “smart components”, aka connecting them to internet-based services.

Such projects call for a mediating layer to orchestrate data and cater different targets like internal and external systems, components, and partners with the right amount of data—in a secure, fast, and cost-efficient way.

This is where Xapix comes in.

Our solution

Xapix’ three main product features make it easier than ever for tier 1 suppliers to access, use, and distribute their mobility data.

Our data pipelines allow for easy and effortless data transformation and distribution. This means that you can get the data you want and share it with the right people and partners—while keeping your data offering secure and highly maintainable.

Xapix data connectors serve as an integration layer so that you can easily partner with external services. Want to access or share specific telemetry information from or with an external partner? No problem, simply set up a connection within a couple of hours.

Our API bundles give you out-of-the-box access to a variety of integrations with partners from the automotive and mobility space to extend your digital service offering.

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Here’s what tier 1 suppliers
use Xapix for


The challenge: fuel digital services

Develop new fleet services by combining data from IoT devices, vehicles, fleet operators and internal data sets. Xapix allows you to quickly connect to data bundles and orchestrate the data flow with partners.

Build new services, faster.


The challenge: deploy your fleet more efficiently

Reduce downtimes of fleets by developing better predictive maintenance solutions. Using Xapix, you can tap into additional data streams and better predict potential downtimes due to maintenance.

Use your fleet and product intel to the max and feed your data into management solutions.


The challenge: deliver on customers’ expectations

Become more interesting for fleet operators by seamlessly integrating fleet services solutions into the customer systems. Xapix allows you to offer custom data streams to effectively connect the systems.

Create better partner experiences while reducing cost across your systems.

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