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Xapix for telematics

Xapix is the ideal way to orchestrate APIs and mobility data
so that you can make the most of telematics data.


Access, manage, and share
your telematics data

Securely, fast, and customized

Get the data you want, bundle endpoints as per your specification, and connect easily to countless internal and external applications. Using Xapix, you can quickly access any data from a variety of telematics units, easily manage the available data, and securely distribute the output.

It doesn’t matter how complex the setup of telematics units is, Xapix is here to help you overcome this complexity by facilitating data access and exchange. The solution you’re creating is fully customizable by your team, making it the most flexible and secure option for data orchestration available.

Some examples of what you can do with Xapix:

  • Make fleets more manageable by creating generic vehicle APIs

  • Unify the data output when multiple telematics providers are in place

  • Connect to external services and applications in an instant

  • And more!

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Bringing your telematics data to the next level

Your benefits of using Xapix



Securely access and distribute your telematics data

Your team is in full control of how integrations are set up. And when you use Xapix, your data belongs to you, always.



The fastest solution to create fully customized integrations

Set up and maintain integrations easier than ever—in hours instead of weeks. You don’t even have to be an engineer: Anyone who can use Excel can use Xapix.



Setting up and maintaining your integrations is easier than ever

You decide how to set up integrations and how you would like to distribute your data—no external support needed, ever.

Make the most of your
telematics data

Our solution is targeted at product teams who work with telematics data across a variety of different industries. Instead of going the lengthy process of building an internal solution or the costly process of outsourcing the task, Xapix makes it possible for those teams to build solutions to access, manage, and distribute telematics data—in a fast, easy, and secure way.


Distribute your data,
at scale

Xapix offers ultimate scalability for your data offering. Traditional approaches fall short of scaling digital solutions properly, because they offer only limited customizability and are based on hand-written code. Xapix uses an automated and user-friendly approach that makes it easier than ever to orchestrate your data—while your solution grows along with your project.

You can easily connect to a variety of different types of telematics units, no matter how many. In addition to that, distributing your data to dozens or even hundreds of different services and applications can easily be done using Xapix.

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