Connect to vehicles and services, faster

Xapix for mobility services integration

Xapix is the ideal way to orchestrate APIs and mobility data
so that you can integrate mobility services more efficiently.


Enable new mobility services faster and easier than ever

Integrate services to build new product offerings


Xapix helps you unlock new revenue opportunities by making it easier than ever to integrate different services into a completely new product offering.

Create a fully customizable solution by building digital connectors with the user friendly Xapix interface—and decrease time to market as well as spendings by doing so. Using Xapix you can integrate data from services and fleets, orchestrate it, and distribute that data to other services and fleets, all while abstracting the underlying complexity, thus speeding up the whole process.

Here’s what companies can use Xapix for:

  • build usage based insurance services for connected vehicles

  • distribute fleets more economically by improving location and routing

  • improve rider safety for ride sharing services by tapping into additional data sources

  • create predictive maintenance services by having components communicate with your systems directly


Check out some use case examples

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New products, additional revenue—in a matter of days

Explore the benefits of our solution


Speed up

Decrease time to market for new services

Using Xapix you can set up new integrations in just a few days instead of weeks or months. Maintaining integrations is just as easy—your own team is in charge, which facilitates the process compared to outsourcing.


Scale big

Easy scaling of new services—out of the box

Scaling your digital product offering built with Xapix couldn’t be easier: All your external connections can be easily set up, maintained, and distributed in one single platform. Scale data access easily with Xapix.


Control more

Full traceability and customizability

Create your own business logic and customize every detail of your integration with just a simple click. Your team is in full control of what’s going on.


Built for customizability
and speed

Who is this solution for?

Xapix is targeted at product teams developing in-vehicle or overall mobility experiences, especially product managers and developers. There is no specific engineering knowledge required to use Xapix—anyone who can use Excel can create digital connectors with Xapix.

IT operations or reliability engineers will also appreciate Xapix as it unlocks the potential of previously siloed data, making existing offerings more comprehensive.

Create a scalable solution,
from Day One

How does Xapix jumpstart new product development?

Xapix offers a pathway to stronger automation, meaning that you can start laying the groundwork to connect services automatically by setting up stable and secure data connections between them. Test your solutions quickly without having to build full-fledged environments—easy testing and prototyping is a core component of Xapix.

As a product or project manager, you can easily track the changes that are being made to the product.

Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 10.31.35 AM.png

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