Xapix for insurance

Expediting innovation

Xapix is a simple solution for data orchestration,
featuring an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to connect different
systems and leverage internal as well as external data to the max.


Introducing Xapix

All the essentials about Xapix for insurance applications in a two minute video—check out core functions by watching the video on the right.



Access, connect, and monetize data—easier than ever

Xapix digital connectors make it very simple for the user to orchestrate data offerings and to share them with internal teams as well as external partners, laying the groundwork for easier access and better utilization of insurance data.

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Xapix can add value to your organization in three ways: internally, externally, and as a combination of both approaches. The software makes it easier than ever to leverage previously siloed data to your advantage and drastically facilitates collaboration with internal and external partners.

Use cases


Usage based insurance

Usage based insurance programs require phone location data, but around 1/3rd of users actively turn off location tracking. With Xapix you can allow this as a part of the whole—meaning data that is collected is kept private. Data outputs created with Xapix are also able to be white labeled and drawn from for larger data collection projects.

Driver behavior analytics

Drivers don’t have specific feedback on how to improve their driving skills. By using Xapix you can cross reference bad driving trends based on consolidated driving trends, then develop an application that addresses poor driving behavior in a targeting way—reducing chance of risk.

Improve on board diagnostics

The hassle that surrounds installing an external OBD dongle raises the barrier to entry. Xapix helps integrate data from different sources to make OBD dongles obsolete, thus making new insurance products available to more customers. The effect: Being more accurate allows for better margins and lower premiums.

Better algorithms

Data is inaccurate—or at the very best, less than good. In order for algorithms to work effectively and efficiently, data needs to be as accurate as possible. Xapix provides clear solutions by collecting data from the origin site, providing the most accurate data available.


Use Xapix today and join leading companies

Xapix is a solution that works—past projects with some of the leading companies from the technology and automotive space are the proof. Check out who we’ve been working with below.


Building a smarter future, faster

Our experience from projects with leading companies shows that you can save a
significant amount of resources using Xapix for data orchestration purposes—
and bring new initiatives to market more efficiently while saving time, money, and effort.


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We have compiled a few documents for you that will help you get a better understanding of Xapix. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us—we’re always happy to help!


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Xapix executive summary

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Technical reference

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