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Xapix is a simple solution for data orchestration,
featuring an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to connect different
systems and leverage internal as well as external data to the max.



Insurance companies can jumpstart their digital innovation with Xapix. Check out the video to learn more or reach out to us to get started using Xapix.

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What’s your


Disperse setup of systems and devices

Different systems and devices do not speak the same language, but have to be integrated to create new insurance services.


Scaling digital services is difficult

There’s little automation, which makes it hard to scale digital insurance products effectively.


Complexity of partnerships

A wide variety of different partners have to integrate to come up with new service offerings.


What can we help you with?
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Standout flexibility, customizability, and control

Anyone who can use Excel can use Xapix. This way, you can keep your data integrations in the team—no need for contractors.


Usage based insurance

Challenge Integrating data from a variety of sources.

Solution Build integrations easily, white label data, and draw from larger data collection projects—using drag and drop instead of hand written code.

Outcome Higher quality of data stream | Better end product | Higher degree of scalability


Driver behavior analytics

Challenge Driver behavior analytics requires a variety of different data sources feeding into an application—setting this up is lengthy and expensive.

Solution Leverage Xapix to create APIs in a partially automated way to quickly and easily develop an application based on consolidated driving trends, thus reducing chance of risk.

Outcome Quick setup of integration | New application fueled by new and existing sources


Improve on board diagnostics

Challenge Customers dislike the hassle that surrounds installing an external OBD dongle.

Solution Make OBD dongles obsolete by integrating data from different sources—and lower the barrier to entry to new insurance products.

Outcome More accurate data | Better margins | Lower premiums | Higher degree of competitiveness


Better algorithms

Challenge In order for algorithms to work effectively and efficiently, data needs to be as accurate as possible.

Solution Xapix provides clear solutions by collecting data from the origin site.

Outcome Most accurate data available | More efficient algorithms | Better end products

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Xapix works—
here’s the proof


Our experience from projects with leading companies shows that you can save a
significant amount of resources using Xapix for data orchestration purposes—
and bring new initiatives to market more efficiently while saving time, money, and effort.


We’ve been working with leading
technology companies


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