Xapix for car manufacturers

Xapix is a simple solution for data orchestration,
featuring an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to connect different
systems and leverage internal as well as external data to the max.


The challenge for car manufacturers

Integrating with charging infrastructure across the globe, delivering state of the art infotainment experiences to their customers, and shifting from product- to service-oriented business models are some of the core challenges for car manufacturers to future-proof their business.

The missing link to make this a reality is an efficient tool to access, use, and distribute the increasingly large and complex amount of vehicle and partner data.

This is where Xapix comes in.

Our solution

Xapix’ three main product features make it easier than ever for car manufacturers to access, use, and distribute their mobility data.

Our data pipelines allow for easy and effortless data transformation and distribution. This means that you can get the data you want and share it with the right people and partners—while keeping your data offering secure and highly maintainable.

Xapix data connectors serve as an integration layer so that you can easily partner with external services. Want to access or share specific telemetry information from or with an external partner? No problem, simply set up a connection within a couple of hours.

Our API bundles give you out-of-the-box access to a variety of integrations with partners from the automotive and mobility space to extend your digital service offering.

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Here’s what car manufacturers
use Xapix for


The challenge: compete with Apple & Co.

Customers these days expect stellar (digital) user experiences. Deliver on that demand with features like integrated entertainment, direct toll or fuel payment by connecting to a network of partners. As a partner layer, Xapix helps you orchestrate the data exchange between the car and this diverse network of partners

Create state of the art user experiences in no time—for example around HMI (Human Machine Interfaces) by improving the content of head-up-displays.


The challenge: develop new products, faster

Increase development speed for applications, but also for internal and external partnering by supporting interoperability and hiding the technical complexity of the underlying systems. Use Xapix to unify systems and data streams.

Speed up product development and reduce internal complexity for a faster output.


The challenge: high complexity of IT projects

Increase application development and product development by improving data availability. Xapix helps your team develop API services and data streams that securely open existing data silos across technologies like REST, SOAP, event streams and more.

Streamline IT processes and build new products in a more efficient way.


The challenge: accessing new revenue streams

Open new revenue streams by enabling new products and services around vehicle data, for example in the insurance, supplier or fleet services space. Xapix is your secure, privacy compliant tool to share and monetize data with partners.

Own new revenue opportunities, faster.

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