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Thank you for our conversation! Xapix is an API and data orchestration tool for mobility and automotive applications. As an enabler of everything around the connected car, it helps overcome complexity and facilitate API integrations as well as data sharing.

To move things forward between you and Xapix, we have prepared a bit of additional input on our technology and possible use cases for your convenience. Please get in touch with us to discuss further steps.


Hi, we’re Xapix

For techies

Technical walkthrough Get a first impression of the technical setup and functionalities of Xapix and learn how our customers use the product to orchestrate mobility data and APIs.

The big picture

Company profile Join Xapix co-founder and CEO Christian for a brief overview of our company and the product that we’re working on.

Download more info

We’ve compiled a couple of additional resources for your convenience. Download the documents and learn more about Xapix. Questions? We’re happy to help. Simply reach out to us!


Xapix enterprise deck
Everything Xapix in one document. Click on the button below to download the enterprise deck.

Case studies
Learn more about possible uses of Xapix. Click on the button below to download the document.

Xapix technical reference
Wanna learn more about the technical side of things? Click the button below to download the technical reference.

Xapix three pager
A short summary of our technology. Click on the button below to download the document.


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Christian Umbach,
Co-founder & CEO

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Oliver Thamm,
Co-founder & CTO

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Christopher Badaoui,
Business Development

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Lina Eddisi,
Director of Growth

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Marcel C. Thiemann,
Brand Engagement Lead

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