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Data Governance and
Standards in Automotive

There's a lot going on in the automotive industry.

Business processes must be digitized. New services and solutions have to be created. With new technological developments, the competition just got harder. The main goal is now more than ever to satisfy the ever increasing demands of the customers.

Key to success is access to functional and high quality data.

Unfortunately, connecting millions of different endpoints like connected cars, trucks, fleets or IoT sensors across the globe is very challenging.

That's why we compiled this white paper with Best Practices and Guidelines for Data Governance and Standards in Automotive.

In this document you learn about a variety of topics:

  • Different data categories a vehicle produces
  • Which data storage and data standards are currently predominant
  • The safe handling of personal data in different legislations
  • How you can tackle the challenges and set the foundation for a functional car data ecosystem
Data Governance White Paper
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