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Unlock new revenue opportunities with Xapix Data Pipelines
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All your data,
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Speed up workflows and get the results you want, faster. Xapix helps your team create easy to use outputs based on your specific setup—no matter what that might look like.

In more technical terms: Users can use Xapix to map a variety of different data inputs into one unified output in the form of an API. Xapix is a visual editor for APIs that makes it easier than ever to access, use, and combine your data.

Core features

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Control easily how data flows

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Model even the most complex processing rules

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Leverage the beautiful user interface

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Event-based processing (using Apache Kafka)

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Filter events and data: get exactly the output you want

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Make use of smart features like combining data with drag and drop


Helping you achieve more
with less effort


This is how we helped one of our customers, a global tier 1 OEM, connect a variety of different services using Xapix as an orchestration layer.

The challenge: services orchestration

Our customer had a variety of different input sources up and running: REST API services, SOAP web services, and various other services. They wanted to connect their digital service offering with external partners in order to create new revenue streams, but the complexity of the setup blocked this plan.

Our solution: the Xapix orchestration layer

This is where Xapix came in: We helped our customer build an integration layer to connect these different services into a single, unified output. Our customer then could offer this output as an API to external partner in a very cost-effective way.

Other popular use cases

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Aggregating, normalizing, and homogenizing data into common models to overcome the complexity of data schemas

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Connect to APIs with varying authentication methods and make them available through a single authentication method

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Convert, combine and transform across formats and technologies (including REST APIs, SOAP web services and event streams)

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