Data orchestration
has never been easier

Introducing Xapix, the data orchestration platform for the automotive industry.


Build new digital products

Orchestrate data, faster

The platform is fast, flexible, and user friendly.

Backend for digital services

Access, use, and monetize your data, easier than ever.


Secure digital connectors

Xapix enables connections between new and existing systems across a variety of security and authorization measures.

Partner with anyone

Our platform solves system integration challenges across company partnerships.


How Xapix can help you
build digital products


API and data orchestration & combination


What you want to achieve

Connect data from internal silos, facilitate collaboration with external partners, and add value to your product offering. You can also give product and partnerships managers easier access to APIs.

How Xapix can help you

Using Xapix you can access multiple data services at once and combine data from various sources into one single target endpoint. What’s more, you can monitor the access using the software.

Your outcome

Improved fleet operations services | Improved in-car user experiences | Bundled services | New products from existing data | Novel combinations of data points | Data monetization


API & data transformation


What you want to achieve

Connect to data and align with target data format and convert between different data formats, for example turning REST into SOAP.

How Xapix can help you

Xapix makes it super easy to map an existing service to a specific data model to fulfill with a dedicated service. You can also quickly normalize and transform data with a variety of readily available functions.

Your outcome

Easy telematics interoperability | Unify data models | Easily play out data to different customers


Partner API integration


What you want to achieve

Build and enrich your digital product with the help of external data sources and APIs.

How Xapix can help you

Easily make use of partner APIs using Xapix. You can onboard and integrate with partner APIs to create a digital product faster than ever. Make use of partner APIs, quickly and securely. You can focus on the data, Xapix takes care of heterogenous data formats and technologies.

Your outcome

Securely integrate with APIs from external partners | Facilitate innovation | Easier collaboration with external partners


Technical use cases

Dive deeper into what you can do with Xapix by checking out the technical use cases below. Xapix can add a lot of cool features to your digital offering, faster and easier than ever. If you have questions or specific ideas around a use case, let’s chat!

See Xapix in action 


Check out the video to see the core functions of our software in action. Any questions? Wanna try it yourself? Reach out to us or sign up for a free Xapix trial below!


Key features

The outstanding user interface, variety of connectivity options (N-to-1 and 1-to-N), convenient API features, and strong transformation capabilities as well as aggregation, analytics, and sandboxing features make Xapix the go-to tool for even complex data integration projects.


Supported data sources & outputs

  • Data sources REST JSON/XML, SOAP XML, SQL, CSV, JSON, Kafka & Azure event streams

  • Data outputs REST JSON/XML, SOAP XML, Kafka & Azure event streams


Intuitive graphical user interface

  • Drag & drop mappings

  • Project management & tracking, shortcut navigation

  • Imports of standard schemata (Swagger/OpenAPI, WSDL)

Transformation features

  • Type conversions

  • Text interpolation

  • Value combinations & functions

  • Anonymize data

  • Conditionals

  • Dictionaries

  • Date conversions

  • Geospatial conversions


Aggregation & combination

  • Dependent (result values as parameters)

  • Data governance

  • Record merge, record set union & cartesian product


  • Monitor the performance, easily detect pain areas, and monitor API endpoint usage—a first step to effective data monetization.



  • Capability to allow dynamic manipulations

Sandbox environment

  • Set up static or mock data in minutes using Xapix, so developers can set up a sandbox environment for their projects in no time.


 Get started now

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