Logistics & Supply Chain

Xapix plays a vital part in the development of innovative logistics solutions. Through faster data integrations from IoT sensors, apps, vehicles, telemetry and weather data, logistics companies can deliver state-of-the-art applications and services to their customers


Logistics & Supply Chain

IoT Platform for Sanitization Cleaning Fleet Operations

Establish an IoT platform to scale cleaning and sanitization across municipalities and businesses.
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Logistics IoT Platform

Effortlessly integrate different data streams. Set up new connections in a matter of minutes. Integrate multiple data sources into your IoT Platform.
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REST to SOAP Transformation

Combine SOAP web services, REST APIs, and event streams towards cloud architectures. Support several hundreds of existing partners through legacy services while providing newer services and offerings.
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Telematics & Data Standardization

Easily connect to a variety of different types of telematics units, no matter how many. Distribute, standardize and harmonize your data from dozens or even hundreds of different services and applications.
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