Industrial IoT

Assets and processes need to get digitized to enable better outcomes. Xapix improves the connectivity from IoT devices, digital twins and even whole plants to accelerate the digitization of industrial companies.


Industrial IoT

Manufacturing IoT Data Platform

Build the foundation for a digital future. Connect legacy applications and new solutions.
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REST to SOAP Transformation

Combine SOAP web services, REST APIs, and event streams towards cloud architectures. Support several hundreds of existing partners through legacy services while providing newer services and offerings.
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IoT & Telemetry Data Platform

Combine high frequency, real-time IoT telemetry streaming data with contextual data around weather, location, and traffic as well as metadata. Use data normalization, harmonization, and orchestration capabilities to feed and integrate applications and AI models.
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Build a better future, faster.
Accelerate on-boarding speed and lower the requirement for developers to build and maintain data integrations.
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