New, emerging markets, complex regulations and increased customer expectations are difficult to reconcile in the automotive industry.

Xapix is at the forefront of connected vehicle technology and helps OEMs and suppliers to connect telematics, legacy systems and other data.



Generating Actionable Insights from Vehicle Data Pipelines

Delivering business value with integrated no code AI and data orchestration
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REST to SOAP Transformation

Combine SOAP web services, REST APIs, and event streams towards cloud architectures. Support several hundreds of existing partners through legacy services while providing newer services and offerings.
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IoT & Telemetry Data Platform

Combine high frequency, real-time IoT telemetry streaming data with contextual data around weather, location, and traffic as well as metadata. Use data normalization, harmonization, and orchestration capabilities to feed and integrate applications and AI models.
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Telematics & Data Standardization

Easily connect to a variety of different types of telematics units, no matter how many. Distribute, standardize and harmonize your data from dozens or even hundreds of different services and applications.
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