New, emerging markets, complex regulations and increased customer expectations are difficult to reconcile in the automotive industry.

Xapix is at the forefront of connected vehicle technology and helps OEMs and suppliers to connect telematics, legacy systems and other data.  

Logistics & 
Supply Chain

Xapix plays a vital part in the development of innovative logistics solutions. Through faster data integrations from IoT sensors, apps, vehicles, telemetry and weather data, logistics companies can deliver state-of-the-art applications and services to their customers

Industrial IoT

Assets and processes need to get digitized to enable better outcomes. Xapix improves the connectivity from IoT devices, digital twins and even whole plants to accelerate the digitization of industrial companies.

Use Case Telematics


Our customer was given the task of connecting their fleet of +5,000 vehicles to their Transportation Management Systems (TMS). The fleet included vehicles of different sizes, manufacturers and production year. The fleet was being fitted with telematics solutions that are sending data in real-time. As there was no one-size-fits-all solution and some vehicles already had telematics dongles, they had to work with 3 different telematics technologies, with various data formats and standards. This stand-alone setup provided limited value and therefore they needed to combine all data sources into one unified data set. 

Our customer had 2 options:

  1. Assign his team to this project. His team consisted of 5 developers and had other projects in parallel. 
  2. Outsource this project and always be dependent on a 3rd party to maintain and develop the system in the future.

“I knew I couldn’t rely on an external company to build this infrastructure. But I couldn’t devote 3 of my team members to work on this full time for almost a year. I didn’t even have the tools to evaluate how complex this project really is going on.” - Data Integration Architect

Customer Profile

German OEM with more than 300.000 employees


  • Integrated 3 telematics data sources
  • Normalized the data into one data format
  • Distributed the unified data into internal and external platforms
  • All this with a local team of 3 developers

Automotive Data Types

  • Telematics data coming from 2 OBD dongles suppliers and one OEM telematics API.
  • IoT Cargo Tracking devices
  • Dispatch and tracking solutions (DTS)
  • Transportation Management Systems (TMS)

Why Xapix

Xapix is the only telematics data orchestration platform, built for the specifics of the automotive and mobility world. With Xapix, our customer quickly accessed fleet data from a variety of telematics units, easily managed the data, and securely distributed the data to other systems. 

Using our predefined data pipelines and drag-n-drop user interface, our customer was able to connect the fleet to their existing platforms in just 2 weeks, a project that was initially estimated to take 9 months. All this was accomplished by a team that had limited prior experience using and building APIs. In addition, using our platform our customer was able to leverage Xapix’s data privacy and security features to ensure they comply with the highest data standards.

Xapix Platform Features

  • Multiple data sources & outputs Supported - REST JSON/XML, SOAP XML, SQL, CSV, JSON, Kafka & Azure event streams
  • Normalization of data using Xapix’s advanced transformation features
  • Low code/No code - you don’t need to know how to code to build data streams 


Our customer was able to launch their connected system almost one year earlier than originally estimated, freeing their team to focus on the actual applications. By dramatically reducing the project duration, the customer was able to lower the development costs by $300K. 

In addition, our customer gained other benefits such as increased security and data privacy compliance, a better performance and lower risk of system and APIs failures. 

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