Local Risk Intelligence around Covid19

Why do we need Local Risk Intelligence via API? Policy measures are localized and complex.

Policy responses and the evaluation of local risk of Covid19 is complex. Decisions are fragmented by counties, provinces, states and countries. People moving across areas are left in the dark around the local policies and businesses are unable to plan local response initiatives without manually working through a complex puzzle of information.

Sample Use Cases

Overall, the intelligence seeks to protect field workers, evaluate risk for vehicle operators and also enable companies to steer marketing campaigns in all affected areas.

Possible use cases could look like this:

  • Protect workers and customers: Service workers in the field - ranging from telco to fleets and automotive - need to inform and protect workers and customers around local policies
  • Inform travelers: Travelers moving out of their current location face differing regulation in their neighbor state or neighboring country, potentially unable to get first hand access due to language difference - this information can be comprehensively provided
  • Drive marketing spend & plan startup initiatives: with the measures slowly being lifted marketing initiatives and supply chain activities will require information flows around local policies to ensure effective spend
What's available today?

The available API is evolving with more information around policies being available. We provide country-level data pipelines which offer location based insights around:

  • Local risk factor
  • Local policy measures
US Risk Intelligence Pipeline

By entering a location we will provide you with the latest news on precaution in this area and also give recommendations on action for your business.

Global Risk Intelligence Pipeline

Further covid19 APIs and data are available here.

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