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Quick hack? Your fastest way to Corona data: 

Global cases, deaths, and recovered* — curl

Latest case numbers, deaths, and recovered by country* — curl 

*Johns Hopkins stopped reporting recovered data, adjusted endpoints below:

Global cases and deaths — curl

Stable access and insights needed? 

Free use of Xapix for the next 12 months for up to 500k calls / month. Access to the Covid19API is free. 

1. Create an account:

2. Create an organization and upload this project file

3. Publish the project

4. Explore the REST endpoints

5. Publish the endpoint on the pipeline dashboard and use the curl / powershell snippet to do a first test call from your terminal 

6. Running into problems? Use the inbuilt support chat/email via the green button on the bottom right.

Available Covid19API Endpoints
Data Pipeline Dashboard for Latest Cases Endpoint with Access Code Snippets
Detailed Mapping of the Response Endpoint (here for time-series data by country)

Your next options

  • Insights / debugging give you transparency over usage and performance 
  • Performance issues? Try caching some of the endpoints. You can enable caching through the data sources section. 
  • Want to manage the access to the API? Enable API publishing and define user roles, rate limits, and manage users. 
  • Ready for the pro mode? Add other APIs, web services, or event streams - and build pipelines that combine various data sources, transform data, and include server less functions. 
Endpoint Analytics & Insights

Want to use the Covid19API more broadly outside of Xapix?

Here is the Swagger / OpenAPI spec file for the core API. The project above includes additional endpoints not included in the Swagger.

Note on the quality of data:

  • Original source is John Hopkins GSSE - see detailed notes on method and terms of use here. Data is updated once a day. 
  • Data is pulled via a fork of  ExpDev07/coronavirus-tracker-api (great job 🙌) which we run on our own cluster 
  • We cached the data on Xapix to improve performance - expect latency of a few hundred ms (for initial requests to the underlying csv sources a few seconds, will be faster the second time around)

More data, more insights?

Quickstart data sources (in your organization the files can be imported)

California Hospital Beds (static)
Mashup of Point of Interest Information

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