Become a part of us

Being at Xapix means being part of something big. It means shaping the future of data integration, the future of our company and at the very same time: your own. We believe in hiring people like you – ambitious, forward-thinkers who want to be more than just another employee. Will you be one of them?

Our values

Actionable results count

We are biased towards action. Planning on a whiteboard is nice, but focus on execution makes us successful. We want to be able to execute on what we develop and innovate - we strive for actionable results.

Driven by insights

Data, insights and feedback from our customers and their use cases help us pursue and validate our product vision. We share these insights actively across the team to make this vision reality.

Meaningful work

We want to lift each other up. Exchange and connection across the team and across teams is extremely important to us. We communicate directly, transparently and intentionally.

San Francisco and Berlin are calling!

San Francisco

Our San Francisco office is located right at the footsteps of Silicon Valley, which provides us with access to a global customer base from which each firm has an outlet of some sort in the Bay Area.

At the same time, there is a strong VC and founder network that helps us define our path, vision, and leadership style. The latest tech ideas are born here—and we have direct access to this awesome network.


Our Berlin office is located in one of Europe’s top startup hot spots, and at the same time it is in close proximity to the HQ of some of our customers like Daimler and BMW—we’re constantly learning from leading companies in the industry, which helps us develop the best possible product.

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