Why Automotive companies often fail at data projects— and how they can regain competitiveness

Over the past century, automotive companies have perfected one specific process: building cars. Today’s cars are more secure and fuel efficient than ever before. But they aren’t truly smart. The development of smartphones, a device that has been relatively unpopular only ten years ago, has long outpaced the innovation leaps cars have made recently—to the damage of automotive companies.

The problem runs deep

Why is that the case? See, bits and bytes are the bolts and welds of tomorrow’s automotive industry (and quite frankly of today’s already). Data is the digital glue of new automotive business models. However, automotive companies are historically hardware-focused businesses. They have no dedicated experience when it comes to gathering and using data on a large partnership scale. Partly because there has never been a real need up until now and partly because it has just never been anywhere close to their core expertise.

Automotive companies miss out on billion dollar revenue opportunities

The result is that automotive companies consistently fail at data projects—and that they get outpaced by competitors that are younger than some of their current car models. Innovative solutions that customers are asking for are not being brought to market in time, or worse, not at all. Automotive companies struggle with a lot of problems in that area. They cannot make data flow, which keeps them from scaling their digital business.

The need to make data flow

There is a huge need for data highways that not only facilitate data access for automotive companies, but also connect data from different sources. Xapix is an enterprise software tool that enables exactly that. Our software makes it easier than ever for mobility companies to access, use, and monetize their data. The fast, powerful, and flexible tool offers strong data transformation capabilities (for example effortlessly transforming between REST and SOAP interfaces) while providing a graphical user interface that has so far only been known from consumer-oriented software. What’s more, our team that’s building that software has a proven track record in the automotive industry.

Xapix is an emerging force in the field of automotive data integration

Our innovative power is not remaining unseen: Just last year, Google has named us one of the Top 10 European companies. We’re proud to call SAP our strategic partner who helps us to connect to the right players. And the German Federal Ministry of Transport has just granted us a considerable funding to support our work on new data standards for connected vehicle services.

Come meet us in Wiesbaden!

We are going to participate in SAP’s Automotive Forum in Wiesbaden on July 4 and 5. We’re looking forward to connecting over the future of the automotive industry. See you there!

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