The Role of Bits in the World of Cars

As the convergence of bits and atoms drives the roadmap of the automotive giants, digital services are increasingly playing a central role in connecting companies with new or established partners, both from the traditional industry as well as outside of the traditional boundaries of car manufacturers for instance in the home electronics, service delivery, or smart cities space.

At XapiX, we have collaborated with researchers from Harvard Business School to explore the emergence of digital services in the automotive industry. A set of interview with industry experts from leading car manufacturers and suppliers has helped us, gain insights on key questions around the trends accelerating the investment into digital services, the key areas of applications relying on digital services, and the state of the industry when it comes to the development of APIs and novel partnerships in the world of bits.

In our whitepaper "The Role of Bits in the World of Cars", the reader will find an in-depth overview of the market landcape in the automotive industry as well as a detailed elaboration of key trends and major developments that are shaping this industry—from application programming interfaces over the Internet of Things and ridesharing to autonomy and electrification.

You're invited to dive into the whitepaper yourself and learn more about the influence of digital services on automotive companies—and the role companies like XapiX do play in this context.

Happy reading!