Accelerating a move to modern services while keeping existing partners happy

REST to SOAP transformation | Xapix case study

The task A global transport services provider was facing the challenge that they had to increasingly please two worlds. Internal and external application developers were demanding a shift to REST services and this aligned well with the overall strategic direction of the company, yet internally they had more than 140 externally facing SOAP web services serving more than 1000 B2B customers with data.

The challenge Convincing all external suppliers to shift makes the company highly dependent on external development timelines which they cannot directly influence. Maintaining parallel infrastructure to continue serving them from the old interfaces was costly in many ways: direct cost of the technical infrastructure, availability of resources to secure and maintain it, and moreover none of the product enhancements would benefit the customers. The team was facing a steep cost increase and missed revenue opportunities amounting to tens of millions of dollars. The only alternative: canceling contracts with partners.

Luckily, they found Xapix.

The solution The company leverages Xapix’ data orchestration layer as a translation layer around their API gateway. This gave them the benefit of being able to internally combine SOAP web services, REST APIs, and event streams towards the new architecture—and towards existing partners they were able to continue serving them seemingly without a change although internally the entire architecture had shifted towards cloud services.

API transformation across REST and SOAP


The result Using Xapix, the transport services provider was able to fully shift its entire infrastructure to the cloud in less than two years, still supporting several hundreds of existing partners through legacy services while providing newer services and offerings to others. A business line worth tens of millions of dollars had succeeded in its transformation.

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