Doubling down on API-fying your organization

REST API development | Xapix case study

The task A global hardware manufacturer had set path on its strategy to API-fy the organization. Driven by demands of internal and external channels, the IT organization was dedicated to serve application developers with REST APIs to enable secure, scalable, and faster access to data from internal services.

The challenge Data today is scattered all across the organization. Partially in databases without interfaces to access the data, partially available through such interfaces, in other areas a mix of SOAP web services and REST APIs. Common standards had mainly been disregarded as they weren’t aligned across teams from the onset.

Integration & distribution powered by orchestration

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Luckily, they found Xapix.

The solution To accelerate its API first strategy, the team leveraged the Xapix orchestration layer in addition to their API management gateway to abstract from the internal complexity and make access to data—regardless of the technology of the source system—available to product teams. Product managers and developers alike could use the toolset to gain quick access to data and setup the data pipelines required for their own applications or their partners in hours instead of weeks.

API transformation & orchestration


The result Teams could work with existing infrastructure and quickly modernize their services cutting down integration time from partners from months to days—enabled through leveraging existing services and reducing the dependency on software developers to setup and maintain the integrations through custom code.

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