New York City, San Francisco & Boston Lead the Civic Open Data Push

Data is transforming the way we live and operate in urban settings. With high quality data collection and documentation, data-driven cities like New York City, San Francisco, and Boston allow residents, developers, and analysts within their cities and beyond, to access hundreds of datasets related to their respective cities.

Open data opens the door to innovative solutions that meet the increasing needs of citizens. Now available on XapiX, New York City, San Francisco and Boston share open data that will fuel applications and services that will improve the lives, safety, environment, and prosperity of each city.

From bicycle parking to crime records, the city open data include useful endpoints to help with useful applications to change citizen experiences in all aspects of the city. Check out some of the many interesting endpoints from the New York City, San Francisco, and Boston open city data APIs on XapiX:


Interesting NYC OpenData endpoints:


New York City subway station locations


Location and facility information for New York City farmer's markets


Locations of wifi hotspots in New York City with basic descriptive information

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Interesting DataSF endpoints:


Information related to actual departure and arrival time of all flights arriving and departing at SFO


Information on bicycle parking facilities installed and managed by the SFMTA


All parking meters owned by the SFMTA and the Port of San Francisco

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Interesting Boston OpenData endpoints:


Community garden sites throughout Boston


Crime Incident Reports provided by Boston Police Department


Energy and water use metrics for large buildings

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