Introducing the first Vehicle Identity Standard (VID) on blockchain—in collaboration with MOBI


Today, data schemas, formats, and technologies differ heavily across companies—even between company departments. More aligned approaches can help reduce those transaction costs significantly. This increases the speed of developing new products and services, both for more centralized approaches as well as decentralized approaches powered by blockchain.

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Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative’s (MOBI) member-led Vehicle Identification Working Group created and launched the industry’s first Vehicle Identification Standard (VID) incorporating blockchain technology into a digital vehicle identification system. Xapix has been part of MOBI since its creation, joining a group of global automotive leaders, start-ups, and large technology companies like Groupe Renault, Ford, GM, and IBM.

“Our data orchestration toolset is fully compliant with the evolving standards and can further help companies comply with them and leverage the benefits from day 1,” says Xapix CEO Christian Umbach. “We are excited to be contributing to MOBI as it represents an important step towards more aligned communication across players in the mobility ecosystem.”

At Xapix, we are building a data orchestration tool to help automotive companies access, use, and distribute their data in a smarter way. This way, we’re facilitating data exchange within a company as well as across a company and its partners. Learn more about the product here.

You can find MOBI’s full VID announcement on their website and here as a PDF.

Marcel Thiemann