Intro to better API consumption at General Assembly's Tap Into Tech

WATCH: XapiX Demo at General Assembly's Tap Into Tech

XapiX team members Joi Anderson and Elizabeth Ferrao had the chance to chat about APIs over some IPAs at Tap into Tech, a happy hour event for tech enthusiast and companies to meet and showcase innovative products and services. The monthly event was hosted by General Assembly and Digital.NYC — the official hub for NYC startups and tech — to give local techies a sneak peek into “Startups to Watch" that are making changes in their cities.

During this informal Q&A happy hour, XapiX demoed how we make API integration easy for all. "XapiX addresses common developer pain points-- by making APIs easy to discover, easy to integrate, and easy to maintain -- making it easier for you as a developer to focus on building and delivering new projects" Joi explained, as she demonstrated how developers could integrate endpoints from the Uber API and Foursquare API in just 5 minutes using XapiX's Workbench tool.

Her integration used the "trending_near_location" endpoint to return trending locations near the event venue and also "price_estimates" and "time_estimates" Uber endpoints for other developers that wished to "arrive in style," as Joi mentioned.

Elizabeth followed by demonstrating how developers and enterprises could create their own custom APIs by mapping endpoints from existing APIs on XapiX. With XapiX's easy drag and drop tools, Ferrao showed the crowd how she could map attributes from the Foursquare "trending_near_location" endpoint to only return the information that was needed — the location name and website— in her customized API call.

To create your own tourist application or create your own API , watch our demo and check out the tutorials on XapiX.