Hey, innovators Meet Xapix at SAP Automotive Forum 2018!

Xapix will join SAP's Automotive Forum in Wiesbaden, Germany, on July 4 and 5 to engage in the conversation around the future of mobility. We'll be showcasing insights and use cases on how automotive companies can use their data to its full potential.

Why Automotive companies often fail at data projects— and how they can regain competitiveness


Today's cars are more advanced than ever before—but unfortunately, they are not smart. This is due to the fact that automotive companies have no actionable expertise when it comes to data projects. Luckily, at Xapix we do have that expertise—learn how we can help automotive companies to access, use, and monetize their data in this article.

3 approaches to use the full potential of automotive data


At the Automotive Forum, we'll dive into three dedicated use cases that highlight the capabilities of our software and showcase how we can create value for automotive companies: Xapix helps make data accessible, scale partner access, and exchange data with partners. Learn more about those use cases here.

Come meet us in Wiesbaden!

Meet Xapix in Wiesbaden on July 4 and 5! Find out more about SAP Automotive Forum here.

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