Turning the orchestra of 3rd party services into music

Data & services orchestration | Xapix case study

The task A global transport services provider was aiming to add more functionality to its application. Point of interest services, multiple payment options, and access to numerous entertainment providers were offerings that the product teams demanded. As the company didn’t see it as their core competency to provide these services, it started embarking on an orchestration journey to bring in 10s of different service providers.  

The challenge Bringing together data and services from external services providers came with two sets of challenges. The integration phase came along with the challenge of transforming, normalizing, and aligning data streams from the various sources. After that maintenance was costly as teams had challenges managing performance of APIs and were suffering significant downtimes. To scale, the team had to rethink their infrastructure.

Orchestrating third party services

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Luckily, they found Xapix.

The solution Instead of connecting to services one by one to the application, the team started leveraging Xapix’ data orchestration layer to access, normalize, and maintain services. Based on individual rules, data could be requested from different interfaces and failover logic implemented.

Automated setup & maintenance

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The result The team has largely automated the maintenance and monitoring of the external services. Furthermore additional services are enabled quickly as they can directly expand or swap out existing interfaces.

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