All Smiles After Win at TechCrunch Disrupt NY Hackathon

Known for debuting revolutionary startups, TechCrunch Disrupt brought together more than 700 developers with 87 teams pitching on stage and Affectiva, Mapquest, Nexmo, IBM Watson, PubNub as sponsors.

Within only 24-hours, XapiXers Daniel Gorman and Christian Umbach teamed up with John Lucas to build out an award-winning solution that used XapiX to quickly combine the APIs of Giphy, Foursquare and Mapquest alongside PubNub’sserverless real-time infrastructure and Affectiva’semotion engine to create Joyzr.

Sadness is a slippery slope — whether it’s a bad conversation, a fight with your boss or a terrible code review. It's easy to get stuck in a loop. With Joyzr, you can stop bad moods before they happen. Inspired by cognitive behavioral therapy, Joyzr helps you break out of negative thought cycles by stopping them before they start.

Whenever it sees a bad mood brewing, it jumps in with a cheerful message and a fun location suggestion to snap you out of it. Like the friend who has always got your back, Joyzr keeps you happy.

To detect your bad mood, Joyzr uses Affectiva’s emotion recognition software to recognize human emotion based on facial cues. A frown, angry face triggers, and many other physiological responses triggers Joyzr send you a message to boost your mood.

There is an unexpected burst of joy that comes from watching the endless loop of frames of a GIF. Powered by the Giphy API, Joyzr shares cheerful GIFs from Giphy to help brighten up anyone's day. Using the Foursquare and Mapquest APIs —two of the location APIs available on XapiX — Joyzr then shares a directions to a nearby location like a local ice cream parlor to continue to generate positive vibes.

With limited time, XapiX took advantage of PubNub’s intuitive tol that makes it easy to build real-time apps on mobile, browser, and desktop.

Check out Joyzr on Devpost or directly contribute on Github.

Built on PubNub's real time serverless infrastructure, powered by Affectiva's emotion engine and tied together by XapiX's API consumption tool using Giphy, Foursquare and Mapquest APIs, Joyzr tracks your emotional state in real time through facial analysis.