3 approaches to use the full potential of automotive data

Automotive companies do not use their data to its full potential. This makes them not only miss out on billion dollar revenue opportunities, they also fall behind their customers' expectations regarding state of the art user experiences in automotive. Xapix offers a software that helps automotive companies access, use, and monetize their data easier than ever—and make these experiences a reality, cost- and time-effectively.

Making telemetry data accessible

This example is all about uniformity: Using Xapix, it is easier than ever to translate different inputs into a single output. Take a commercial fleet provider that wants to make its telemetry data accessible to external partner. The challenge is to hide internal complexity from external partners while also providing a workable interface to the data offering.


This is both necessary for OEMs that need to standardize their data models, but also for doing business with other OEMs that face this complexity. Xapix is able to flexibly and effortlessly transform between a variety of interfaces and databases: Inputs and outputs can be in REST, JSON, SOAP, or XML. The software is compatible with database adapters like MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, and ERP systems.

Scaling partner access

Another important application of Xapix is based around secure data sharing and privacy. In order to provide a secure and workable access to their own data offering, automotive companies have to be able to decide which type of data and which part of their interfaces they want to share with which audiences. Xapix enables exactly that.


Using Xapix, enterprise developers can steer out data content and access based on dedicated use cases. The software makes it easy to decide which parts of the data offering is being made accessible to partners, enabling secure and easy collaboration. Xapix also enables GDPR compliance of sharing as well as the tracking of it.

Connected car data exchange with service providers

Enabling connected services at scale is another way for automotive companies to use their enterprise and product data to create new revenue streams and experiences for their customers. The most popular example is probably around in-car entertainment: Think of an OEM that wants to make music services like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music etc. available in their vehicles. This is a massive integration challenge, especially for OEMs who operate globally and have to maintain that backend.


In this example, Xapix is doing the backend, while the automotive OEM, our customer, can focus on the experience on top. Xapix makes data flow so that automotive companies can focus on what really matters: creating state of the art user experiences for their customers.

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