2017—what a year at Xapix!

Last year was a truly eventful one for Xapix. We were able to extend our product, sharpen our mission, and grow our business significantly. In this blogpost you'll find a comprehensive overview of the major Xapix accomplishments from 2017.

Powering the machine conversation—for the mobility ecosystem of the future

Last year, we’ve commenced collaboration with household names from the mobility, transportation, and smart city sphere—like Bosch, Deutsche Bahn, Daimler Fleetboard, Goodyear, and FIWARE. This has sharpened our focus on the connected vehicle and smart cities space. Our recent pitch following Plug & Play’s Mobility Program highlights how we think about shaping the mobility ecosystem of tomorrow: Watch the video [here]


Xapix CEO Christian Umbach pitching at Plug and Play Mobility

Exciting new customer projects—a smart city example

To name just one example of use cases for Xapix connectors: Cities can now create FIWARE compliant data outputs using Xapix. FIWARE is a platform that provides standardized data access for the development of smart applications in a variety of sectors, for example the smart city space. This way, data owners are able to leverage an ecosystem of applications around their data as they can plug and play with new solutions, thanks to aligned data models regardless of their internal legacy data. Learn more about this project on our YouTube channel.

Great updates for the Xapix tool

The Xapix tool, the very core of our business, made a huge leap last year: the tool our customers love today is very much unlike the tool at the beginning of 2017. Core user-facing functionalities like our toolbox, the Templating UI that lets users turn non-standardized data into data that adheres to specific standards, or the API onboarding that helps users set up API endpoints for their projects, have all been created over the past year. In addition, our developers have created some “under-the-hood” functionalities that make the Xapix tool more capable and powerful, like the API content management system, our API health board, and the insightful analytics tool that gathers and processes API usage data.

We’ve also pushed our efforts to contribute to the open source community in 2017: We have submitted our very first Clojure contribution under our own Xapix namespace!

Xapix was awarded a top startup—by multiple sources

In 2017, Xapix has received six awards from notable sources—here are our top three awards: In April, Google named Xapix one of Europe’s Top 10 leading startups and invited us to pitch at the first-ever Google Demo Day at their UK headquarters. We were thrilled and honored to pitch at Google in London! Click here for more info about this. Our friends at Techstars IoT New York named Xapix a Top 10 startup in January, followed by Impact accelerator, who named us a Top 10 European company in June.

In addition, we’ve started new marketing collaborations with PricewaterhouseCoopers Europe and SAP.

New research collaboration on the future of mobility

We have collaborated with researchers from Harvard Business School to explore the emergence of digital services in the automotive industry. Key industry experts have been interviewed to learn more about the trends accelerating the investment into digital services, the key areas of applications relying on digital services, and the state of the industry when it comes to the development of APIs and novel partnerships in the world of bits. See the results here.

We’ve attended countless events, conferences, and hackathons

Over the past year, we’ve attended a lot of events and conferences like Google I/O, the International Motor Show Frankfurt, as well as FIWARE Tech Summit, and participated in a number of hackathons, for example the Bosch Connected World hackathon and TechCrunch Disrupt New York (we even won this hackathon!). We were happy to share our knowledge and industry insights and connect with business leaders and innovators. We can’t wait to continue our networking across Europe and the US in 2018!

More than 700 new API endpoints onboarded

From cities to weather data providers, from popular platforms like Yelp and Slack to mobility services like Uber—hundreds of API endpoints can easily be combined with data that developers are retrieving from their organization.

We’re only getting started

You see, our team at Xapix has accomplished a lot in 2017. Below you’ll find a comprehensive overview. And here's the kicker: We're only getting started. There's a lot in store for 2018—we're excited to scale up and power the machine conversation with new and existing partners! Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram to receive regular updates from Xapix. And of course we love to hear your feedback directly—please share it with our CEO Christian.